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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If Idema is what they say, why isn't he dead?

If Idema isn't a "former special forces soldier" as reports OTHER than from the MSM all indicate (see Green Beret and Special Forces Soldier and testimony below from someone who actually knows the man and has known him for some time--an active Special Forces soldier now serving in Afghanistan), then why hasn't he died at the hands of Al Qaeda and the Taliban during his frightful stay in this notoriously dangerous Pulacharke prison?

What the media had gone to what seemed to be great lengths to do was to smear this former special forces soldier with little or no evidence, based on a handful of micreants without appropriate backgrounds.

If you take even the Al Qaeda tapes especially; which were turned over to the CIA for further analysis--it is apparent that we have one individual who 'trains police' in counter terrorism techniques, but who has never seen a terrorist face-to-face. Here is a man with a mission; and a financial incentive to discredit Jack Idema; not to mention to what depths the others have sunk in order to ...'bury him for as long as possible.'

As time wears on and Idema continues to survive in that terrible place, it would seem illogical and improbable that he is NOT, indeed, what he claims to be.


At 12:26 PM, Blogger pptoas said...

Why isn't Idema dead? Because evil never dies.


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