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Sunday, May 07, 2006

tenacity and resolve

Reading over this documentation has my jaw dropping just about completely to the ground.
Respondents' Response as filed by opposing counsel to Petitioners' previously filed motion is disingenuous and misleading at best. Petitioners only recently received that response from the US Embassy in Afghanistan and have not been allowed to mail their reply through the embassy.
These men are not afforded mail privileges? Even terrorists at Guantanamo are afforded mail privileges! These men are in a foreign country which signed documents that they would uphold American Law. Khalilzad and Karzai are both American citizens, and have a full understanding of this. Sadly, this seems to be a form of despotism one would could imagine happening under a communist dictator....yet the American courts, and the US Embassy are complicit with the prolific propaganda producing journalists who are intent upon keeping them 'buried'.
Therefore several specific issues raised by Mr. Lev, and unsworn, unverified facts asserted by Mr. Lev in his pleading are not addressed herein. Be that as it may, they are unavailing at best and carry no weight in this matter absent a sworn affadavit or verification by his clients. As an example, Mr. Lev has no personal knowledge of any facts in Afghanistan, or surrounding Petitioners' incarceration, or related to any assertion regarding mail or conditions, or property, or the contested issues of an alleged "diplomatic pouch" address. In fact, the address that is contested is by no means a "diplomatic pouch" in any sense of the phrase, and the unsworn statements of Mr. Lev are unpersuasive and should assert little if any influence in this case. Other previous assertions by Respondents are contradicted by the recently received March 29, 2006 verification of Petitioners to the supplemental facts herein. Finally, Mr. Lev's direction to the Honorable Court to take notice of Petitioners' previous ability to get documents to the Court, after months of inability, or months of delay, is evidence of nothing other than Petitioners' tenaciousness and resolve. Quite frankly, Petitioners find it despicable that an employee of a country founded on Constitutional guarantees of liberty would claim that the absence of a liberty deprivation based upon a citizen's ability to furtively circumvent that liberty denial through great cost to family and friends.
Strange twisting of the facts Mr. Lev is using here. It certainly seems as though the government is stalling to force them to give up because of the time factor and to purposely precipitate an eventual lack of resources.
A paramount question for this Court should be, if a 16-month denial of mail and communication can be circumvented by smuggling mail or covert communication out of a prison system by spending thousands upon thousands of dollars, taking great personal risks, and convincing friendly foreign government officials to clandestinely bypass the US Embassy's illegal mail embargo, then is it still a liberty deprivation?
Well of course it is! Why is it necessary to ask such a stupid question? Is Ori Lev really this dumb? Or has our legal system deteriorated to the point where it is necessary to spell things out at the most elementary level for the simpletons who refuse to 'get it' for partisan reasons?
Is the First Amendment satisfied by the capacity of a citizen to pray surreptitiously in his barn to avoid persecution, or their ability to clandestinely publish an anonymous newspaper in the darkness of a basement to avoid arrest? Is the Eighth Amendment satisfied or its protections diluted just because a prisoner can survive corporal punishment or imprisonment without food or water? Did the existence of a covert Underground Railroad during the Civil War make the liberty deprivations foisted upon the oppressed any less important? Contrary to Mr. Lev's despotic rationale, Petitioners think not.
And the American public would think not if they knew about this. It is time to get the word out, folks. It is time to spread this like a wildfire because if this case is any indicator, our men fighting this war on terror, our military, all those involved in this struggle against Islamofascism, are in terrible trouble.

The terrorists get a free ride, and the Americans who defend our country wind up getting the shaft.

Addition to Motion; Supplemental Facts which occurred after the government was served with the first Motion in March of 2005. These are additional facts that were discovered from interviews with Afghan officials over the past two months.
1. Ed Caraballo was beaten and abused, allegedly at the direction of the US Consul by the AFGHAN NDS at the direction of American citizens.

2. According to Afghan officials, the US Ambassador, or persons acting on his behalf, directed President Karzai to confiscate Prisoners' phones and communication from all Petitioners. Karzai met with the Minister of Justice and ordered the phones confiscated. The Minister of Justics order the para-military Prison Authority to confiscate the phones, and to remove Idema, Bennett, and Bandaras from the Geneva Convention compliant officers' quarters, and house them with al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists. General officers from the United Front Military Forces interceded, and the Prison Authority refused. Shortly thereafter, Caraballo's phone was seized and Caraballo was again beaten by the NDS acting as agents of the FBI. Afghan generals refused to follow the orders to confiscate Idema's phone, or change his living conditions.
This sequence of events alone is an outrage. Caraballo is beaten and then there is an order to have Jack's phones taken from him and when that doesn't happen, Caraballo is beaten again.

Where is that New York journalist outfit who should have been pleading on Caraballo's behalf?

This entire story when taken as a whole seems like the storyline from a season of 24 instead of real life. The horrible story is that no one comes to the defense of Americans at Pulacharke whilst they rush to the defense of known terrorists and their lies; whether they're at Gitmo or running around free accused of horrible crimes.

THAT is the REAL story. And it must be told.

More to come on this...

This concatenation of events must end.

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