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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Carlotta Gall was sitting in the front row

Carlotta Gall was sitting in the front row when Idema and his men first appeared in court--and they were still showing obvious effects of their beatings and torture when they first appeared there. It was so extreme, that she was ordered out of the courtroom.

Apparently the media didn't believe anyone would closely examine their pictures of these men (like Cao obviously did) -because it is obvious in this shot that Idema was recovering from something horrible.

In 2002, the inimitable Ms. Gall received an award from Columbia University on her knack for propaganda...excuse me...for "international journalism" for her Afghan war reporting. David Klatell, was acting dean of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and was the man who announced it.
A judges' panel described Ms. Gall as ''always bold and yet fair and meticulous'' in describing injustices, whether committed by American forces or by warlords in Afghanistan.
Judging from what is known about this case thus far and her part in this early on, this is indeed questionable.

This concatenation of events must end.

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