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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cafasso busted and in jail- in Porter County Indiana

The backstory behind this has something to do with his scamming a workman, leaving a woman behind who is about to leave her house.  He used the social security number from a young girl in New Jersey, and was traveling under the name "Rob Stormer".

As per Carteret Con Artist, who is asking for more information.  We have been after him for over two years.  We are not law enforcement or mental health professionals, but would like to see him get the help he needs so that he stops hurting people; and in particular, taking advantage of women with money.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Make Noise

Cao says this is Make Noise from the Mitch and Nan Show's cesspool of Obamablogbot minions and trolls.  But I'm confused as to which one it is.  Is it the sardonic smiling woman or the pot-bellied man?
It is verified by researchers in comments 
at Larry Sinclair's blog that this picture is in the public domain, released by Make Noise himself.  Or herself, I'm not sure.

The hypocrisy of people who post personal information illegally obtained, who then object to the posting of pictures they themselves have released into the public domain, is glaring and laughable... if you don't include IDIOTIC.

Make Noise's current picture is that of a woman doing needlepoint that says "fuck off" on it.  (see below)

Someone please clarify the gender of this poster.  The original picture showed two people, not one.  And he/she was proud of it, as he/she provided a link to it for the slobbering  Obama lemming legions to gawk at.

Make Noise was, in a signature move, sarcastically challenged Larry Sinclair when he said he could find info on the cesspool stalker, so now that he has, and more and more information is coming forward, Make Noise is starting to look like either mentally deranged individual (the woman in the picture), or a stupid boob (like the man in the picture) - or both!

So...the only reasonable conclusion to draw is that we should use the message of the messenger (Make Noise).  Because their tactic is shoot the messenger doesn't mean that we should follow suit, now does it?

I think we should give Make Noise's message right back.

I must confess that following this provides immense entertainment value in and of itself.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kabul Deputy Governor stating who forced the guilty verdict in the case of Jack Idema

Kabul Deputy Governor stating US Consul Russell Brown and Bashir Mamoon forced a guilty verdict on Jack Idema in Afghanistan on the orders of Ambassador Khalilzad in 2004.

At the end of the clip, Commander Massoud speaks.

This is a clip from the movie made in Dubai called Shakur Shaitan. This clip is published with complete permission from the attorneys, CTG, HaftShir Films and 5 Lions Films.

H/T: Cao's blog.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

What about the dog?

Cafasso asks 'what about the dog', but the only people who would complain that Idema is 'dangerous' are terrorists and the people who have been relentlessly smearing Jack Idema.

The lead on that intitiative, which is smearing Jack Idema, and trying to make sure he doesn't return to the United States, is none other than Joe Cafasso.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cafasso's exploits with Kathryn Cramer

As we noted earlier, Kathryn Cramer seems to have a lot of explaining to do about her relationship with Gerry Blackwood AKA Joe Cafasso and exactly when she knew what she claims now that she didn't know. If she had any brains in her head, she would shut up; but instead, she's acting like a woman scorned, going all over the internet planting seeds about what a shameful womanizer Joe Cafasso is.

Kathryn, wake up; the man used you. This is what he does.

Move on, and stop obsessing over him.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

sisters, sisters

Kathryn Cramer left this blog OUT; the most important out of all the 'sister' blogs that she blubbers is 'defaming' Cafasso. From Cao's blog comes an incredibly devastating example of why Wikipedia should be taken with a block of salt:

You are a bald faced liar.

Here is an excerpt from her conversation with Jossi at Wikipedia about edits on Joe Cafasso (see here):

I am of two minds about whether to comment here, since I am not a neutral observer. It is notable and fairly well established that Cafasso and Jack Idema have a feud going.

callingforinformation.JPGA feud? The grab from the left is from Kathryn Cramer dot Com. from the sidebar on the right. Click here, and it opens up. Lol…a “feud”; Is that what you call it? The Colonel That Wasn’t stole your computer, lied about who he is, lied about his health, disappeared and turned up in Mississippi and did it to other people, and you put up a ‘call for information’ but it’s Idema and Cafasso that are having a feud? Give me a break.

I would say that the evidence tells me that YOU and Cafasso have a feud going, lol…why are you looking for him, again? Wasn’t it because he lied to you? Doesn’t he lie to everyone? Doesn’t Cafasso ‘have a feud going’ with the WORLD [when people stop believing him]???

Here are few pieces of evidence that can be cited: Idema is known to have co-written Robin Moore’s book The Hunt for Bin Laden (Idema even appers on the cover). (As I recall this is discussed in Robert Young Pelton’s Licensed to Kill.) The book contains an unfavorable discussion of Cafasso. Idema quotes from the book, using it as a reference on his official website ( concerning Cafasso. HOWEVER, if you check the text of the passages Idema quotes, he has rewritten them to claim that Cafasso tried to get him killed. Also, Cafasso was a defendent in one of Idema’s lawsuits. The documents concerning the existence of the law suit are public record on the site of a Los Angeles court. Quotng from public record court docs would be a more appropriate way to document the feud than Caosblog.


Let’s check those passages, shall we? Let’s take a look at the book in question, but let’s also remember how idiotic this woman sounds. Remember, I’m not making up that Cafasso stole her computer, charged an expensive hotel bill on her credit card (which she apparently didn’t check) and that she claims he owes her 20 grand. These are indisputable facts admitted to by Ms. Cramer herself:

I am interested in receiving information concerning the life and activities of former Fox News Military & Counterterrorism Editor Joseph A. Cafasso aka Joe Cafasso, Jay Cafasso, Gerry Blackwood, Gerard Pal Blackwood, Jay Mosca, J. Mosca, James Mosca, Joseph Mosca, Jay Anthony, Tom Adams, and Jake Adams.

He stole my computer and owes me about twenty grand.

Of particular interest are:

* other known aliases
* information concerning debts & unpaid financial obligations
* incidents involving computer equipment or credit cards
* medical conditions
* employment history
* documentation such as photographs, videotapes, audiotapes
* transcripts or other documentation concerning public events he attended
* documents he presented

I’m sure the reason you’re ‘calling for information’ isn’t to ‘defame him’, lol…, right? It’s only anybody else who writes about the guy who is defaming Cafasso, according to you, which puts you in the only privileged position to write about him.

I’m not sure what Cafasso’s being a defendent in one of Idema’s lawsuits has to prove except that since he doesn’t have two pennies to pinch together and is hungry to dip his grubby hands into grants given to Christian ministries, I would imagine he’s pretty angry about that. He reacts very strongly when his lines of BS are no longer accepted or believed by people, we’ve seen that pretty clearly here at his Stuporpatriots blog.

Considering his psychiatric profile, it would seem as though he would be capable of just about anything in retaliation, wouldn’t it? At least to a reasonable person. This is also from your website:

At present he is apparently a very unhappy man, as Mendehall Ministries in Mendenhall, Mississippi (near Jackson) seems to have failed to appreciate his recent involvement in their finances as Director of Development. I’m told he feels very sorry for himself and claims the pressing need for surgery & a lawsuit.

There is so much evidence out there that demonstrates that Cafasso is a very dishonest person, but now, we’re supposed to set all that aside in the case of Jack Idema and listen to Psychos R US.; Cramer, and Cafasso; over the evidence:


Clearly this is another of the numerous examples of Cramer’s lies and defamation of me and Idema and frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of it showing up again and again. Back to the entry at Wikipedia:

Though, in general, I disagree with Jossi’s stance on blogs, Caosblog and its cousins (Tracking Cafasso etc.) are intentionally defamatory of Cafasso. While some of what they have to say about Cafasso is true and sourced, they co-mingle it defamatory nonsense with fact and like Idema they sometimes rewrite material that seems sourced.

Interesting, Kathryn. You mean like in the book “The Hunt For Bin Laden”, right here?


The quote is DIRECTLY OUT OF THE BOOK, you stupid b*** but if you have the first edition printing, which was rushed to press, you won’t see it. Subsequent versions, including the paperback and the MacMillan version, all have that quote EXACTLY AS QUOTED, and nobody at the Superpatriots website rewrote anything.

Where is the comingling of defamatory statements?
I missed that. Just as in the case of the photo album she said I had of her son- that didn’t exist, just as in the case of claiming I was stalking her and her family, and just as in the case of Michael Teague, Mookie Spicoli and all the other examples I’ve talked about here, Kathryn Cramer is not only off-base, she is lying. Either that, or she’s as dumb as a rock, but either way, the results would be the same.

Here is a dingbat that is seriously drawing conclusions on the basis of lies out of Joe Cafasso’s rotting mouth. It was one thing when she didn’t know his identity. But it’s completely another thing now that she knows who he is. what he’s done to numerous people, and is still standing by it. This is amazingly stupid. And Cramer works as a ‘researcher’ for Wolfram Research?

The reason the quote was not complete in the first Random House editions was because the lawyers were confirming the authenticity of the actual taperecordings and matching Cafasso’s voice. They even got outside legal counsel opinions on it to make sure they were covered.

Cafasso lies, Kathryn. You’d think that you would have realized that by now, since he STOLE YOUR COMPUTER and charged a huge hotel bill on your American Express card under completely false pretenses. Cafasso raises hell over complete fabrications-just ask the people at Mendenhall Ministries in Mississippi. You’re fully aware of that, you swallowed the Gerry Blackwood with the patch over his eye story…lol - the “Beyond the Call” story, and numerous others, which don’t exactly paint this guy as a bastion of truth telling, yet for some reason you’re willing to believe he’s telling the truth about Idema.

With all that I’ve put up about Idema, you’d think that someone with even a small pea-brain would be able to figure out that if he was what Cafasso says he is, he would easily have been dead by now. But no, Cafasso is a liar about everything except Idema.

Lie in one, lie in them all.

I know it’s a lot to expect from Kathryn Cramer, but instead of listening to Joe Cafasso’s sob stories, she really ought to get her facts straight.

Kathryn Cramer has absolutely no business editing Wikipedia. Cramer should have been STOPPED from writing her own bio, her husband’s bio, putting up information on Idema, putting up information on Cafasso, and linking to herself. She should not be allowed to create accolades to herself out of thin air. Cramer is entertaining complete fantasies about her alleged literary prowess, which is little more than bad science fiction writing. She has a completely out-of-control imagination; not to mention, an amazing sense of hubris and inability to face reality. Someone with a fertile imagination who can’t discern between reality and fantasy needs some serious psychological help, in my amateur opinion.

But that is where she’s exactly like Joe Cafasso and the two of them completely deserve each other.

There is no greater satisfaction than looking at Cramer - wearing that ugly green bathrobe with mud on her face. That is a picture that I will remember for time immemorial.


Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law - Cite This Source

Main Entry: de·fa·ma·tion
Pronunciation: “de-f&-’mA-sh&n
Function: noun
1 : communication to third parties of false statements about a person that injure the reputation of or deter others from associating with that person —see also LIBEL, SLANDER New York Times Company v. Sullivan in the IMPORTANT CASES section —compare DISPARAGEMENT, FALSE LIGHT, SLANDER OF TITLE


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Free Jack Idema Blogburst

The Free Jack Idema Blogburst


One aspect in the case of illegally-imprisoned US Special Forces soldier Jack Idema that bears looking at in detail is the work he was doing in Afghanistan in the weeks prior to his arrest.

To listen to the media, Karzai and US State Department tell it, you could be forgiven for thinking that Jack and his men were just trawling Afghanistan for people they suspected of links to terrorism in a quite random fashion; that they were common bounty hunters and their operation was amateurish. In fact, Task Force Sabre 7 (Jack’s team) were highly-professional, and focussed on preventing a group of Islamofascists from carrying out a series of devastating attacks.

The following is from a press release Jack handed to the media at his August-September 2004 ‘trial’. Although it fully explains his team’s mission, and its importance, no one in MSM ran the story:

After contacting the Pentagon we acted, immediately deploying to Afghanistan, where, working with our former Northern Alliance allies, we captured first Ghulamsaki, the terrorist the FBI was informed of previously, and then subsequently captured 95% of the entire al-Qaida and Hezb-i-Islami terrorist operation cell behind the plot. In four different operations and raids, we captured terrorists, explosives, detonators, and vehicles that were to be used in the terrorist plot.

The plot involved the assassination of the Afghan President, Minister of Defense, Minister of Education, two ambassadors, and the leaders of Massoud’s Jamiat Party. Had any of them been successful it would have resulted in certain civil war and the deaths of untold Afghan and American lives.

Alongside these assassinations, the terrorist cell Idema was hunting also had big plans when it came to the US troops stationed at Bagram Airbase — Their intention was to turn one of the daily fuel deliveries (that is, four tankers laden with gasoline) into huge firebombs. Here’s Jack’s description of this planned-attack:

Think about this: Four fuel tankers driving into Bagram Air Base (fuel tankers are constantly daily arriving at Bagram) laden with gas and explosives as they passed through the gates. The explosives would never be discovered as the terrorists were using a combination of plastic explosives and incendiary explosives which American bomb dogs could not detect.

The result would have been flaming bodies of hundreds of American soldiers in a scene that would have dwarfed the Beirut Marine barracks bombing and brought back the vision of burning victims plunging to their deaths on 9/11.

My President said, in September 2001, that all Americans were now soldiers, in the war on terror.

He called upon each of us to do whatever we could to stop terror and save American lives. I have done that.


For his trouble, Jack Idema was falsely accused, arrested, tortured, show-trialed and illegally-imprisoned. We need to bring this man home. Now.

So what can we do? Well, anyone reading this with their own blog can sign up for the weekly Free Jack Idema Blogburst by emailing Cao or Rottweiler Puppy for details. I’d urge everyone to do this, as we’re still terribly short on takers. If you want to know more about the story, Cao’s Blog has a large section devoted to Jack Idema. There’s also a timeline here, and, of course, a huge amount of information is available over at SuperPatriots, without whose work none of us would have learned about Jack’s story.

You should also contact the following people and make your feelings known,
especially to write letters of complaint about this despicable situation:

Secret US EMBASSY Fax: - 301-560-5729
(Local US Fax: Goes RIGHT TO Ambassador)
c/o US Ambassador Ronald Neuman
US Embassy- Afghanistan
6180 Kabul Place
Dulles, VA 20189-6180

US Consul Russell Brown - 011-93-70201908 (Fired)
US Consul Addie Harchik- 011-93-70201908
(denied them water and mail at Thanksgiving- Gone)
US Consul Edward Birsner- number yet unknown
US Embassy Translator Wahid - 011-93-70201902
US Embassy Asst Consul Bashir Momman- 011-93-70201923
US Consul (friend) Dawn Schrepel- 011-93-70201908 (Fired)

Ambassador Massoud Khalili
(wounded with Massoud)
(Great and Kind man)
Islamic State of Afghanistan
Embassy of Afghanistan
Ankara, Turkey

H.E. Said Tayeb JAWAD (Afghan Ambassador- powerful in US)
(Northern Alliance Good Guy Fired- New Pro Taliban Ambassador)
Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington
2341 Wyoming Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: (202) 483-6414
Fax: (202) 483-9523

Mr. Jahed Hamrah, Consul General (pro-Taliban)
360 Lexington Avenue,
11th Floor New York,
New, York, NY 10017
Tel.: (212) 972-2276 or 972-2277
Fax: (212) 972-9046

Chairman Peter Hoekstra
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
H-405, U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC 20515-6415;
Office: 202-225-4121 / Fax: 202-225-1991
Toll Free: (877) 858-9040

Independent Expert of the Commission on Human Rights
On the Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
CH-1211 Geneva 10
Ph: +41(0)22 917 97 27 Fax: +41(0)22 917 90 18

Senator Steven Saland (Jack’s Rep and Neighbor)
9 Jonathan Lane
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Senator Elizabeth Dole (Jack’s Rep)
United States Senate
555 Dirksen Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Ph: 202-224.6342
Fax: 202-224.1100

Senator Richard Burr (Interested)
United States Senate
217 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3154 / Fax: 202-228-2981

Senator Bill Nelson (in the fight on Jack’s Side)
United States Senate
Hart Senate Office Building
Room 716
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5274 / Fax: 202-228-2183
FL Fax 407-872-7165

Senator Dianne Feinstein (Bennett’s Representative)
United States Senate
Hart Office Building, Room 331
Washington, D.C. 20510

Representative Mike McIntyre (Jack’s Representative)
United States Congress
2437 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-2731 / Fax 202-225-5773

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Reference Captain Bennett- CA citizen)
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841 / Fax: 916-445-4633

Finally, PLEASE NOTE: The SuperPatriots and Jack images on this site are used with WRITTEN COPYRIGHT PERMISSION and any use by any third party is subject to legal action by SuperPatriots.US

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