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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Make Noise

Cao says this is Make Noise from the Mitch and Nan Show's cesspool of Obamablogbot minions and trolls.  But I'm confused as to which one it is.  Is it the sardonic smiling woman or the pot-bellied man?
It is verified by researchers in comments 
at Larry Sinclair's blog that this picture is in the public domain, released by Make Noise himself.  Or herself, I'm not sure.

The hypocrisy of people who post personal information illegally obtained, who then object to the posting of pictures they themselves have released into the public domain, is glaring and laughable... if you don't include IDIOTIC.

Make Noise's current picture is that of a woman doing needlepoint that says "fuck off" on it.  (see below)

Someone please clarify the gender of this poster.  The original picture showed two people, not one.  And he/she was proud of it, as he/she provided a link to it for the slobbering  Obama lemming legions to gawk at.

Make Noise was, in a signature move, sarcastically challenged Larry Sinclair when he said he could find info on the cesspool stalker, so now that he has, and more and more information is coming forward, Make Noise is starting to look like either mentally deranged individual (the woman in the picture), or a stupid boob (like the man in the picture) - or both!

So...the only reasonable conclusion to draw is that we should use the message of the messenger (Make Noise).  Because their tactic is shoot the messenger doesn't mean that we should follow suit, now does it?

I think we should give Make Noise's message right back.

I must confess that following this provides immense entertainment value in and of itself.

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