concatenation of events

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Notify Kathryn...Gerry Blackwood = Joe Cafasso

Reports are flooding in from different witnesses that Kathryn's mystery man was seen at the Tribeca Music Festival at the screening of Ed Artis's movie "Beyond the Call" wearing an Indiana Jones-type hat and an EYEPATCH. The same ligger has been seen hanging around the New York Public Library late at night, and claims to have media contacts including within Al Jazeera.

If you know the identity of this man, contact Kathryn Cramer. She needs to know. She's so immersed in her science fiction fantasyland that she can't see what she's looking at whilst sipping Jack Daniels and exchanging pleasantries with her newfound friend. Love is blind, as they say. If I were her father, I'd be asking questions.

Whilst he lures her into an imaginery scene of mystery and intrigue, they travel together, searching for connections between Jack Idema and the Serbian rightwing in order to further bury Idema, which is his goal. Does Kathryn question his motives? Apparently not caring about this man's true identity, she's excited that she's jumped into a scene out of "The Saint" with a man toting an unbelievable resume. But she's a dab hand at science fiction storylines, lol! Fitting neatly within the personality profile and appearance of the women on whom this man preys, Cramer shan't be construed as a hard-nut.

Look at the pathetic thing; undoubtedly a wank biscuit. And what is his profit? What is his gain? Could it be the information on the Idema/Serbian connection they're so hot on capturing? Could the goal be to keep Idema where he is or to arrest him as soon as he arrives in the United States? Just think if they accomplished it; together as a team; they would be bound by their common goal of hanging Idema even further out to dry, and the untold secrets they've whispered, googly eyed, over shared shots of booze at the Fairmont Hotel.

Or perhaps you might just google a search in google images. That might give you a clue as to her new boyfriend's identity. Help the poor girl, and sign her up for a makeover. Please! For the rest of us!

The poor lying fecker LTC is a disgrace, as is his fake resume, hence, this concatenation of events must end.

What was that, he said? No connection with Columbia University? Surely THEY must know, what?